Transferable Skills and Leadership Development

- Courses for understanding the world to make a difference

The Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development (DTSLD) at RUAS works towards imparting transferable skills and developing leadership among all stakeholders of the University – students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty members, administrative staff, and the academic leadership. The Directorate strives to enhance the transactional, transformational, and transcendental leadership skills in the stakeholders in alignment with the University’s Mission to serve the technical, scientific, and economic needs of society.

The Areas of DTSLD’s intervention include, but are not limited to the

  • Conduct of motivational, personality development, and soft skills programs for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Conceptualization, design, development, and delivery of workshops/programs to enhance the transferable skills and develop leadership among faculty members, administrative staff, and academic leadership of the University
  • Conduct of supplementary activities for the holistic development of students, such as Debates, Quizzes, Public Speaking platforms, etc.
  • Digital Learning Initiatives for students and faculty members
  • Design, development, and delivery of UGC Mandated courses to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Role of Nodal Agent in the University for ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyan’ (UBA)- the flagship program of the Central Government for overall development of villages

  • Some of the successful initiatives of DTSLD are:

  • Credited courses offered on a wide range of transferable skills such as Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Elements of Social Sciences and Ethics, Human Rights and Legislative Procedures, and Law, for professional development of students across the University
  • Faculty development workshops on topics of relevance to professionals
  • Customized training programs and interventions for executives in corporate organizations
  • Secretarial training to upskill the level of professional skills in secretaries across the GEF group
  • Student participation in live projects in areas ranging from Project Management to Social Sciences to Human Rights, with a view to provide experiential learning
  • Provision of an ‘Open Mike’ platform to help students overcome stage fear and public speaking anxiety

  • Coming up in the new year:

  • Value added certification programs in English speaking skills, and Inter-personal skills for students
  • Leadership development programs for faculty, based on Maxwell’s Model of Leadership
  • School for Teaching and Learning
  • Teacher Performance Enhancement Programs
  • Proctor Development