Minor Programmes

Students pursuing B.Tech, B.Des., and BHM can choose to do a Minor Programme in any of the following listed Titles during Summer Semester from 2018-19 batches.

Minor Programme-Courses Offered
Sl. No. Faculty Department Minor Programme Title Summer Sem 1 Summer Sem 2 Summer Sem 3
1 Faculty of Engineering and Technology(FET) Aerospace Engineering Electric Vehicle
  1. Elements of Automotive Systems
  2. Electric Vehicle Systems and Impact
  1. Energy Storage and Management
  2. Electrical Drives and Controls
  1. Materials and Manufacturing Process for Electric Vehicle
  2. Crash, Safety and Regulations for Electric Vehicle
Civil Engineering Construction Technology
  1. Building planning and technology
  2. Construction equipments and management
  1. Surveying
  2. Estimation and costing
  1. Surveying
  2. Estimation and costing
Computer Science Engineering Intelligent Systems
  1. Computational Intelligence
  2. Pattern recognition
  1. Artificial Neural Networks
  2. Statistical Estimation
  1. Deep Learning
  2. Applied Machine Learning
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electric Transportation
  1. Electric Transportation Systems
  2. Electrical Machines for Transportation
  1. Power Electronic in Electric Transportation
  2. Energy Storage and Management
  1. Sensors and Controls for Electric Transportation
  2. Charging Systems for Electric Transportation
Electronics and Communication Engineering Embedded Systems
  1. Introduction to Embedded Systems
  2. Sensors for Embedded Systems
  1. Wireless Networks
  2. IoT System Development
  1. Embedded System Testing Framework
  2. Applications of Embedded Systems
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Design
  1. Material Science
  2. Strength of Materials
  1. Kinematics of Machinery
  2. Dynamics of Machinery
  1. Design of Machine Elements
  2. Computer Aided Engineering
2 Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) Product Design Visual Design
  1. Art and Design Foundation
  2. Design Drawing and Illustration
  1. Visual Design Basics
  2. Creative Writing and Print Media
  1. User Interface and User Experience Design
  2. Animation and Film Making
3 Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology(FHMCT) Hospitality Entrepreneurship
  1. Successful Hospitality Start-ups
  2. Hospitality Operations
  1. Support Functions, Accounting and Law
  2. Market Feasibility Study of Proposed Project
  1. Design and Facilities
  2. Financial Viability of Proposed Project