Centre of Excellence

The main vision of Centre of Excellence (CoE) is to empower, create and synergize research groups across Ramaiah Institutions to address societal relevant problems of National importance. This can be propagated through Ramaiah Group’s sustainable research contribution towards becoming an entity of International Stature and Global Relevance. In view of this, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences has initiated and set up two CoEs in ‘AI, ML and Autonomy’ and ‘Computational Mechanics’. The CoE in Computational Mechanics will be mentored by Professor J.N. Reddy from Texas A&M University, USA and coordinated by Dr. Rahul M. Cadambi from RUAS. Moreover, Faculty members across Ramaiah Group of Institutions are also part of these CoEs.

The main goal of CoEs is to create a financially viable ecosystem using the inter-disciplinary expertise across Ramaiah Institutions. The main objectives of CoEs include:

  • Initiate and lead research on a topic impacting the global relevance by attracting acclaimed Professors/Scholars/Experts/Fellows from other educational Institutions / Universities in India and abroad to enhance the research profile
  • Perform independent research and demonstrate the effective research management skills through the formulation of research clusters/groups leading to the scholarly growth of Faculty Members, Post-Doctoral, Doctoral Scholars and PG students across Ramaiah Institutions
  • Engage consistently, continuously and proactively in conducting high quality and transformational research by making available the results for peers to set the stage for solving practical/societal problems of national importance
  • Encourage, promote and participate in the activities conforming to the Ramaiah Group’s Vision by creating an eco-system for interdisciplinary research

Sl. No. Name of the Centre
1 AI, ML and Autonomy
2 Computational Mechanics