Research Centres

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences conducts its research through the following specialised research Centres

Sl. No. Research Centre
1 Automotive Technologies Research Centre
2 Centre for Aeronautical and Micro Air Vehicles Research
3 Energy and Power Systems Research Centre
4 Sanitation, Waste Management and Environmental Engineering Research Centre
5 Centre for Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence
6 Centre for Control Systems and Robotics Research
7 Centre for Biomedical Systems and 3D Printing Research
8 Centre for Signal Processing and Communication Systems Research
9 Structural Design and Analysis Centre
10 Composite Materials and Technologies Research Centre
11 Research Centre for Contemporary Tools and Techniques in Industrial Design
12 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Research Centre
13 Photonics Research Centre
14 Centre for Batteries and Biofuel Research
15 Software Engineering and Big Data Modelling Research Centre
16 Nutraceutical and Nutrition Research Centre
17 Oral Cancer Research Centre
18 Biomaterials Research Centre
19 Dental and Maxillofacial Modelling and Simulation Centre
20 Drug Design and Development Centre
21 Pharmacological Modelling and Simulation Centre