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B. Vijayakumar

Professor & HOD
Department of Physics
RYMEC, Ballari

Dear Sir,

My name is Dr.B.Vijaya kumar, aged about 51 years and 25 years of experience in teaching and 10 years of experience in research and presently Working as Professor & Head of the Physics Department served as Dean Academic & student welfare and coordinator for 1st year B.E for six years and served as chief warden for 4 hostels with 1000 plus students for one year. A Research center was sanctioned by VTU in the academic year 2013-2014 in the honor of doctorate obtained by me in 2011. presently in research center 3 students are registered I myself am guiding one of them and coguiding other two.

My son has joined B-tech under the first batch of computer science of engineering FET(Faculty of Engineering and technology) in this two years he has made me realize the importance of subjects like business communication and technical communications and even law for engineers and by seeing his 8th sem elective subjects I now understand the university goal of Inter-disciplinary approach and outcome based learning and by seeing the assignments and grading methodology I have realized the importance of continuous evaluation, it’s a paradigm shift from VTU where the single exam decides the grade of the students. A year ago my son sent me his physics assignment questions which were really interesting but when my son mailed me his final assignment after submissions it literally opened my eyes by seeing sound technical skills and critical thinking and analytical and cognitive abilities and problem solving skills portrayed in that document, the word document made me realize what potential education system with proper resources and the internet can lead to upliftment of individuals to their greatest potentials. I think 19 th century was all about industrial revolution it was about electricity and about disrupting the agricultural methods and making it more advanced, 20th century was about 1 physics and engineering to do more things easier in our everyday lives like the refrigerators and washing machines etc and the 21st century is definitely the digital age it’s all about the internet.

It’s important for the 21th century students to have skills like browsing the internet and be comfortable with the computers and learn skills like power point presentation and create word documents or for that matter be able to use softwares like netbeans IDE (in VTU we usually tend to use turbo C), android studio, AutoCAD, matlab etc all these requirements are surprisingly met by the MSRUAS students due to the assignments and continuous evaluation and the software facilities given to the students ,The collaboration with PACE(Partners for the Advancement of Collaboration Engineering Education) is astonishing step taken by MSRUAS towards the welfare of students. The present VTU college I am working in, The CSE student in his 8th sem with 92% doesn’t even know how to open and use chrome browser properly where as my son who is MSRUAS student with 60% has already built a small java based game in his 3rd sem assignment, its humbling and my younger son rejoices the game and already has aspirations of joining MSRUAS.

My close friend Dr. H. M. Rajashekara Swamy who is presently Professor and Head of department of civil in FET of MSRUAS was previously working in the RYMEC (Formerly VEC) Ballari and we both have treasured lot of memories for almost 15 years working as colleagues even Mrs. Nayana N. Patil who is presently serving as Asst. Professor in FET is also my family friend and even their personality development and exponential growth in their teaching skills in MSRUAS and positive reviews are humbling to know. Unlike other so called top colleges good students come in and good students come out but after seeing my sons growth I believe MSRUAS is an institution where in good students come in but exceptionally skilled, talented and ready to face the real world students will come out who will be ready for industries ,business, social organizations or abroad exposure opportunities. I am very much influenced by vison of the Prof. S. R. Shankapal the honorable Vice Chancellor of MSRUAS and would like to congratulate him for appearing in the public tv and the entire page in vijayakarnataka paper and the latest ABN news channel honoring him for his visionary and graceful contributions in the field of education.

Yours Faithfully

  • Suraj

Suraj Rarath

I am doing my Bachelors in this university and thus i will not be the best person to give a detailed review of the course, but i would certainly be able give you a brief review ( Heard Stories ) . In short i would say that it is a really challenging program that the university offers .I have talked to many Masters students and they totally agree with this point.

Assignments are integral part of their module and the assignments are basically the industrial problems that the university's consultancy is offered to solve . It is said that they don't expect a full fledged solution to the problem (since that is highly unlikely), instead they judge the students on their approach and the way they present their solution . Mind you , this is not the place where plagiarism is allowed or tolerated.

Faculty in this university are really outstanding, especially Mechanical and Computer Department.They are friendly, approachable expect a few though.

Sadly one thing that is bad about this place is " Most students are not challenging enough ", what i mean is that most of them are said to be people who get satisfied by what they have and they don't push themselves further.If you are in this place, you need to push yourself .

I don't have much idea about placements.

You will have plenty of opportunity in front of you in this place, it all depends on how you use it .

If you need anything more specific, i can surely enquire and let you know .

- A fellow MSRUASanite ( OMG that's weird , but i am proud be holding that tag)

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  • Amith

Amith Nagaraj

MSRUAS is a good and developing college. they always look at improving themselves day by day, month by month, semester by semester. They always look at making us better, new equipments. Especially for mechanical branch there are very good instruments. well if we look at faculty then we have a mixture of experienced and freshers.

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