Foreign Language - Spoken French Course

The knowledge of a foreign language is an added asset in an otherwise impressive resume. For those working across Europe and Canada, the knowledge of spoken French is invaluable.

M. S. Ramaiah University, through the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, announces 2 courses in Spoken French.

a. The 40 hour certificate program:

At the end of this course, the student/learner will be able to cope with every day simple situations and sustain a conversation in France.

Highlights of the Programme: Emphasis on comprehension of every day French situations and enables the learner to express himself with reasonable fluency.

The vocabulary used in this program includes many practical topics required for daily usage in France

The grammar is limited to that required for comprehension , with the basic grammar rules included.(nouns, articles, verbs etc.)

This program is not limited only to a curious traveller in France on a discovery of its rich cultural heritage or a student on a short exchange program but anyone who wishes to learn French for the pleasure of learning yet another foreign language.

b. An 8 week Advanced Certificate Program

Spoken French for beginners who wish to acquire basic oral and written competencies in French .